Why is the album called vessel?

Why is the album called vessel?

In a fan interview, Joseph spoke on the meaning behind the album’s name, saying that a vessel (our body) is an object carrying something far more important than the outer shell, and when we die, that is set free and lives on.

Is vessel a good album?

Vessel is ranked as the best album by Twenty One Pilots.

What album is trees on by twenty one pilots?

Regional at BestTrees / Album

What album has all Gold songs?

“Blurryface,” the 2015 smash album by Twenty One Pilots (Fueled by Ramen), has achieved a Gold & Platinum milestone unrivaled in the digital era: it is now the first album in which every individual song on the album is certified Gold, Platinum or multi-Platinum.

How many songs does TØP have?

That left us with 65 songs that find Joseph pouring his heart out. No wonder fans love this band. Twenty One Pilots is a band that shines with contrasting elements. Dark lyrics on shiny songs, intense themes sung in fun ways.

Do 21 pilots write their own songs?

of course we write our own songs. no one in their right mind would do that to the bridge.

Where was vessel recorded and who produced the album?

Recording for Vessel took place at Rocket Carousel Studio, located in Los Angeles, California with Greg Wells producing. Wells provided additional synths, keyboards and programming. Wells mixed the album, while Ian McGregor helped with recording.

What is the meaning of the album Vessel?

the album’s called vessel and…a vessel carries something that’s important but the outward shell of a vessel isn’t necessarily that important. The theory behind that is our bodies are going to die…but what we have inside of us is much more important than that, just like the meaning of a song or the message of a song…will live on.”

Who are the two men on the cover of vessel?

On December 18, the album was made available for streaming via Entertainment Weekly. Vessel was released through Fueled by Ramen on January 8, 2013. The two elderly men pictured on the album cover are Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun’s grandfathers.