How fast did the Green Monster go?

How fast did the Green Monster go?

The top speed of the car was estimated at 270 mph (430 km/h), and it could reach 140 mph (230 km/h) in nine to ten seconds from a standing start. Running on passenger car tires, the car required four wheels on the rear drive axle to withstand the power.

What happened to Art Arfons?

Arfons died on December 3, 2007, in Springfield Township, Ohio, at the age of 81. He was interred at Mt. Peace Cemetery.

Who drove the Green Monster?

driver Art Arfons
In November 1965 the American driver Art Arfons set his third and final land speed record driving Green Monster, achieving a new speed of 576 mph.

How deep is the Green Monster?

380 feet
Fenway’s left-field distortion is offset by the odd shape and generous size of right field, which is 302 feet (92 m) (although its actual distance has been disputed over the years) along the line (almost the same as in left), but 380 feet (120 m) at its deepest.

How tall is the Green Monster?

37 feet
The Green Monster is the common name for the left field wall at Fenway Park, in Boston, MA, whose height is 37 feet.

What was the land speed record in 1965?

600.601 miles an hour
On November 15, 1965 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, 28-year-old Californian Craig Breedlove sets a new land-speed record—600.601 miles an hour—in his car, the Spirit of America, which cost $250,000 and was powered by a surplus engine from a Navy jet.

How high is the Green Monster?

How much does it cost to sit on the Green Monster?

Boston Red Sox tickets start at $35 and can range up to $1,559 for a grandstand outfield box. You can even purchase tickets to sit or stand in the Green Monster for about $175 per ticket.

Has anyone ever hit a homerun over the Green Monster?

Such was the case on Wednesday night at Fenway Park, when Sanó put all of his might into a hanging slider by Red Sox right-hander Nick Pivetta and sent a solo home run clear over the Green Monster and out of Fenway Park for a titanic blast measured by Statcast at 495 feet, the longest home run in the Majors this season …

What car broke the land speed record?

Thrust SSC
Thrust SSC holds the world land speed record, set on 15 October 1997, and driven by Andy Green, when it achieved a speed of 1,228 km/h (763 mph) and became the first land vehicle to officially break the sound barrier.

What is the Green Monster?

The Green Monster was the name of several vehicles built by Art Arfons and his half brother Walt Arfons. These ranged from dragsters to a turbojet-powered car which briefly held the land speed record three times during 1964 and 1965.

What kind of engine does the Green Monster have?

The Green Monster that set the land speed record three different times in 1964 and 1965 was a departure from previous iterations. Rather than the Allison V12, Art instead picked up a 17,500 lbf J79 jet engine with a four-stage afterburner—the type used by the F-104 Starfighter.

What is the top speed of Green Monster?

434.022 mph – the first record breaking speed that Green Monster set for the measured mile (698.468 km/h), on October 5 1964. This was subsequently beaten 8 days later by Craig Breedlove in Spirit of America, with a speed of 468 mph.

What’s the story with GM2?

GM2, which was not actually green but rather painted to resemble a WWII Curtiss P-40 Flying Tiger by the Arfons’ mom, traded in the first iterations 6-cylinder Oldsmobile engine for a V-12 Allison aircraft engine and used that to break the 100 mph mark doing quarter miles in 1953.