How many camps are there in the Kgalagadi?

How many camps are there in the Kgalagadi?

The Kgalagadi has 10 rest camps – 3 Main rest camps, 6 Wilderness camps and 1 luxury Lodge.

Do you need a passport to go to Kgalagadi?

is an absolute wilderness. Only open to 4×4 vehicles, you need to be fully self-sufficient to travel the area. A passport is not needed as long as entry and exit is made through the same gate. Camping is available at Two Rivers, Polentswa, Rooiputs and the Mabuasehube area.

How do I get to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park?

The easiest way to get to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is to fly from Cape Town or Johannesburg to Upington and rent a car in Upington. Kgalagadi is a great alternative stop on the Cape Town to Namibia road trip.

What should I take to Kgalagadi?


  • The number one slot is filled by a good body lotion.
  • And while on the lotion and potions pack the sunscreen, especially during the summer.
  • Lip balm and eye drops.
  • Of course if you wear a hat a lot of the sun will not get to your face.
  • Pack the bug spray.

Can you drink the water in the Kgalagadi?

There are fuel stations at Twee Rivieren, Nossob and Mata Mata but they sometimes ration – fill up in Uppington. Water at the camps, if available, is highly mineralised and not suitable for drinking.

Is there cell phone reception in the Kgalagadi?

A generator provides electricity for 16.5 hrs per day and there is no telephone or cellphone reception.

What is the best time of year to visit Kgalagadi?

Best time to go. March to May (End of the Wet season when the riverbeds attract animals)

  • May – September – Dry Season – Winter. The weather is warm & mild, May is a great month for wildlife viewing.
  • October to April – Wet Season – Summer. Temperatures are high and hard to handle.
  • Is there WIFI in Kgalagadi?

    Kgalagadi now boasts a WiFi system at the Twee Rivieren/Two Rivers entrance gate and rest camp.

    Is there fuel at Twee rivieren?

    Twee Rivieren Activities and facilities are diverse, as are the animals and plants found both within the camp and in the surrounding areas. Twee Rivieren has a reception, shop, fuel, restaurant, information centre and swimming pool. This is the only camp with 24 hrs electricity and cell phone reception.

    Are there elephants in Kgalagadi?

    So the downside to the Kgalagadi when compared to traditional game reserves like Kruger is that you won’t be able to spot ALL of your favourite African mammals. Unfortunately there are no elephants, no rhinos and no buffalo.

    Is there cell phone reception in Kgalagadi?

    Where is nossob?

    eastern Namibia
    The Nossob (also Nosob or Nossop) River (ǂnuse ǃab, Khoikhoi for black river) is a dry river bed in eastern Namibia and the Kalahari region of South Africa and Botswana.

    Is there cell service in Kgalagadi?

    The camp has a reception, swimming pool, shop and fuel facilities. A generator provides electricity for 16.5 hrs per day and there is no telephone or cellphone reception.

    Are there wild dogs in Kgalagadi?

    Kgalagadi offers premium mammal viewing destinations anywhere because of the sparse vegetation and concentration of animals in the dry riverbeds of the Auob and Nossob Rivers….Species.

    African Wild Dog (Painted Wolf) Antbear (Aardvark)
    Bat-Eared Fox Black-Backed Jackal
    Black-Tailed Tree Rat Blue Wildebeest

    Is twee rivieren border post open?

    Following the announcement of the closure of certain port of entries between South African and our neighbouring countries to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 (corona virus) spread; South African National Parks (SANParks) would like to clarify that the Twee Rivieren Entrance Gate is still open and will remain open for …

    How many lions are there in Kgalagadi?

    There are about forty lion prides resident in the park with an average of eleven lions per pride of which up to four could be females.

    Is there malaria in Kgalagadi?

    Antimalarials aren’t necessary in Kgalagadi. Malaria is only a concern if you combine Kgalagadi with the north eastern part of South Africa (including Kruger) or the far north of Botswana.

    Where do you find a black lion?

    The black lion tamarin is an endangered species found only in a small portion of forest in southern Brazil, according to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, which operates the zoo.

    Where can you see the rare black maned lion?

    the Kalahari
    You’ll need to visit the Kalahari to see the legendary black-maned lions, and the best place to find these awesome beasts is in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, in South Africa’s southwest corner.

    Is Twee Rivieren border post open?

    What is the Kgalagadi Transfrontier rest camp?

    This camp is the administrative headquarters of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park as a whole, and the largest rest camp within its borders.

    Where is the best wilderness camp in Kgalagadi?

    Urikaruus Wilderness Camp Kgalagadi Transfron… Urikaruus Wilderness Camp is situated 72 km away from Twee Rivieren on the road to Mata-Mata between the veil of old Camel Thorn trees. It overlooks the… Gharagab Wilderness Camp Kgalagadi Transfront…

    What is accommodation like at Kgalagadi?

    Accommodation is what youd expect from a game park not flash, our cabin stunk of bats urine we enquired and it is apparently an issue they have, my wife woke at 330am to see a bat swooping me in bed. I’d recommend heading staying outside at Kgalagadi lodge personally

    How do I get to the Kgalagadi transfontier National Park?

    • From Botswana through the Two Rivers, Mabuasehube and Kaa gates. • Passports are not required for entry, unless departure is planned through a different gate into another country. • The Kgalagadi Transfontier National Park is situated approximately 250 km from Upington in the far northern Cape and 904 km from Johannesburg.